And then run around the airport are also a range of children most photographed big replica package

Ancient dress watch award, PW see the airport. Often flying actress who appeared at the airport often become calm and a range of children dress templates, and carry the replica handbags is promoted to casual with such a top priority. Therefore, we we have identified a recent airport street shooting star favorite bag to see what the most popular brand of the moment, Which is the gas field to create the shape of choice.

NO.1 LOUIS VUITTON – Limited Edition also carry

LV has always been born to travel. From 1854, Mr. Louis Vuitton • revolutionary design of the first LV flat top leather case, creating a synonym LV pattern of the first generation began, LV became a luxury travel luggage. Bones “on the road” in the DNA of each so that LV bags that are both beautiful and practical, so in addition to many favorite LV star numbers, all kinds of limited edition package shall appear in the probability of the airport is also the largest.

Taylor back this full rivets lv bag by Christian Louboutin red soled shoes Masters Hand

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This package is a Yang Mi Shoulin shape architect Frank Gehry to design LOUIS VUITTON twisted little box

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Main players 1: Alma series

Of course, the novelty are few, LV airport most photographed series is none other than non-Alma. Fan Bingbing and LV intimate relationship is dedicated to promote the natural, almost every hand carry out a given Alma series, this bag texture more rigid, not easily deformed, the transition from outfitters in the city also apply to handbags.

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Closeup section of the package: Alma handbags from Louis Vuitton classic bag models designed in 1934 as Louis Vuitton’s iconic style, this Alma handbag Louis Vuitton replica leather first series, born in 1985, Epi leather. This bag has a different color, to meet the needs of women of different occasions.

ALMA large handbag Price: 23800CNY

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Main players 2: Lockit Series

replica Louis Vuitton bag another star preference is Lockit series, this full grain leather handbags Taurillon made of soft leather, and large capacity, can carry can pull, travel very convenient to carry. No wonder Jessica Alba, Jessica Chastain and Karen Gillan have opted for it to travel together.

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Closeup section of the package: Lockit series of small and medium points, low-profile design and simple lines make Lockit handbag reveal feminine and elegant beauty.

No. Lockit handbag Price: 32500CNY

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NO.2 GIVENCHY– sections are the main

1952 birth of Givenchy, has been seen as elegant, noble, elegant symbol, and its bags recent works more impressive, it can be described as surrounded by flowers at the airport, including Antigona series, Pandora series, Lucrezia and a variety of series Backpack in all styles, including occupied the airport street shooting highlight.

Main players 1: Antigona series

Antigona series is the first choice for many actresses, Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian were interpreted it cool and handsome stylish elite side.

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Closeup section of the package: Angtigona handbags Since first introduced in 2010 and immediately became a classic Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci ornaments series. Antigona series of handbags inspired by Greek mythology heroine Antigona, the name itself would represent an indomitable spirit. Angtigona handbags series follows the classic Boston bag style and be highly practical rectangular Baoshen with angular details of the deal, full of Riccardo Tisci for rigid collision contrast love.

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Main players 2: Pandora Series

In addition Angtigona series, unique Pandora is also a good choice for the airport portable.

Kim Kardashian is very fond of this small fold of skin Pepe Givenchy Pandora, he has repeatedly travel with it.

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Closeup section of the package: Pandora series, which uses visual dislocation cutting design techniques, style is very unique. Good equipment but also concave shape. In the package section of the same size, Pandora always best installed when you travel far out of space, inside canvas, leather is very light, is a very suitable travel package.

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Main players 3: Lurezia series

Have a simple box-profile design of Lucrezia series is design director Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy yet another masterpiece. Angtigona relatively elegant, Lurezia more of a sense of atmosphere transport.

The gold sister Kendall Jenner is simply the ultimate fan of this package.

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Closeup section of the package: Lucrezia series focused on demonstrating Givenchy all signature elements: simple and full sense of structure design with rigid emotional stark contrast collision. This package can be seen from the shape can be installed very, plenty of room, coat, cosmetics, nursing pillow with a flight, carry things can be loaded into, very convenient and practical.

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4 main players: Various Backpack

I write to you just want to say, the probability of Givenchy bag at the airport appeared so big, as large as we have been too lazy to write down, but can not let go. Especially when it comes to fire the last two years really is not enough shoulder replica handbags uk, hands it to travel the most comfortable, however, and only reduce the pressure on the arm, and very good-looking, whether long distance is the most suitable partner.

No wonder allow Fan Ye will only be let go under the LV Givenchy Bambi a shoulder bag.

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Closeup section of the package: Givenchy classic bold print by the vanguard of the trend of love, but also to a shoulder bag great play space, low-key and avant-garde, the most suitable shape with a neutral wind.

Givenchy Madonna printing nylon backpack Price: 9890CNY

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NO.3 Balenciaga– fall in love becomes iron

Balenciaga by the Cristobal Balenciaga was founded in 1919 in Paris, has many loyal customers include the Spanish queen, Queen of Belgium, Duchess of Windsor, Queen of Morocco, etc., who all year has been the world’s major fashion magazine as the best dressed celebrity, you can see big Balenciaga charm.

Main players: Papier Series

Although this comes nearly a hundred brand owner must first reaction is motorcycle bag. However, we were happy to discover, Papier series photographed at the airport, a great catch-up trend. Stars including supermodel Karlie Kloss and Anne Hathaway, including all of its hardcore fans.

Regardless of seasons, the airport can be seen in a variety of Karlie Kloss carrying this Papier series green deerskin bag, appearance rate is even higher than her boyfriend!

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Closeup section of the package: Balenciaga Papier commuter series originally designed, according to the paper size A4A3 etc. to mark its size, the cortex is thin and lightweight, but whether it is large or medium models are very can hold. In addition to carry small items, easy to adapt to different regions of the weather can also be loaded into the little jacket.

Balenciaga Papier A4 No. handbags Price: 14920CNY

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NO.4 Marni– mix and match the taste of the most intimate

1994 founded Marni has exclusive signature style: Eclectic. For MARNI it: Eclectic is the perfect fusion of the early hippie style and modern. And this emphasis on personality characteristics make this bag more emphasis on the integration of a single product, but also marked by the most appropriate label Marni.

Main players: Trunk bag series

Boarding in addition to the large wrap installed to take, close the packet is also essential, Trunk Bag design is small and intimate by Kate Bosworth and Emma Roberts and other favorite stars.

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Closeup section of the package: Trunk bag with cycling-inspired, clean lines and smooth section of the package. Wrap accordion prototype very three-dimensional and also introduced a variety of bright colors and metal. Even though it is small, five-lined design package is very suitable for people strap to the airport, the different types of items into a different compartment, convenient and clear.

Brown Trunk bag Price: 14,890CNY

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NO.5 Marc Jacobs– very wild Simple yuppie

Marc Jacobs with great boldness of vision of the changing aesthetics and eclectic fashion show famous. His extraordinary talent and yuppie-style design for many who love fashion and sought after, there are many hot package, Nature airport appearance rate is also high.

Main players: Incognito Series

Incognito is Marc Jacobs brands deserved most rushing the actress favorite series. This package is suitable for tall girls back.

Yang Mi with a black handbag blue Incognito is neither unexpected and highlights the taste.

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Closeup section of the package: Marc Jacobs uk replica handbags is this textured leather doctor bag classic interpretation. It is quite a sense of structure, the 124 individual parts made in Italy by hand. Its internal capacity is ample enough to hold in addition to the daily belongings, but also put down a laptop or tablet. With a removable shoulder strap, ready to liberate your hands.

Incognito Medium grain leather handbag Price: 2,798USD

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People also want to pack? French girlfriend fresh shark photographed LV replica handbag ad

Alicia Vikander recently really good thing again and again, first in last month’s success won his first Oscar, to obtain boyfriend method shark scene of the kiss, and now she was photographed for three consecutive quarters replica Louis Vuitton ad, the brand 2016 new handbag “THE TWIST” shooting advertising. From unknown to today’s new fashion darling of the circle, Alicia Vikander face obviously a little more ease.

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Ever since Nicolas Ghesquiere took over Louis Vuitton replica become creative director, this is no longer just the old French aristocratic lady of good heart, and the pursuit of more modern fashionable young girls have also in the hearts of the “long grass”, attracted many new customers. THE TWISTDENIM series bags last year, appeared in the hands of a number of stars and fashion shot in the street, and this series of new disclosure is added more abundant elements and details: In addition to adjustable dual-chain design, crocodile on material leather and lambskin are two, and joined the knitting elements.

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Alicia Vikander This is the third time for the LV replica handbags shooting advertising, and recently won the best actress Oscar for her show with a more dynamic stance, from the urine to study dance at the Royal Swedish Academy of Ballet Alicia has a very outstanding physical performance force.

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May 2015, Alicia Vikander was chosen as the brand ambassador of the new season, the brand immediately disclose her involvement in the shooting of the 2015 autumn and winter series of ads. The girl was also regarded as “unknown”, the major media have search a variety of information about her, called her “Nicolas Ghesquiere’s new muse.” But frankly, it had not been able to see that this girl is unique, shoot for the brand advertising is relatively sluggish. (Later I learned that it would be her personal style, a little “facial paralysis”, relatively cold Nordic girl ~)

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But over time, Alicia temperament more attractive, along with the “machinery Ji”, “Danish Girl” and other hot release of the film, more and more people admiration for her, I feel the little black girl in Sweden “static if at the child, if the rabbits. ”

The end of last year, she and Michelle Williams starred together holiday series LV replica handbags uk ad, two people two styles, Alicia Young on behalf of freedom uninhibited girl, Michelle is a more calm and elegant charm of women. Together with such strength actress, Alicia is also not completely gas field, the completion of a higher degree than the first shot.

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Feelings flourishing, Alicia Vikander fashion show has become more mature, Louis Vuitton replica handbags spokesperson find this place was really great, and now there has been Oscar’s blessing this identity, we expect Alicia Vikander will probably like the big cousin Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, as the LV long long time “loving” go.