Grandmother Uses Louis Vuitton Replica Bag to Carry Fish

This “Neverfull” handbag from Louis Vuitton was used as a fish carrier by a grandmother in Taiwan.

An old woman in Taiwan is so fab that she uses a $110 Louis Vuitton replica bag to carry fish she bought from the market.

The old woman’s grandson, who gave her the bag as a gift, posted the funny story on social media. He wrote that his grandmother didn’t know that the replica handbags she was using to carry groceries and fish – the slimy and scaly ones you get from the wet market – was actually one of the most iconic bags of the luxury brand.

The grandmother told him happily that her new fake bag was waterproof but also a little heavy.

The grandson gifted her the bag after seeing that his grandmother has been lugging an old handbag for years and decided to buy her an expensive one. He said he was so shocked when he saw that she was misusing the fake handbag, but also thought her naivety was funny. He hadn’t told her grandmother yet about the bag as he saw that using it to carry fish made her so happy.

The Neverfull replica handbag is one of Louis Vuitton’s classic models.